About Us

While the COVID-19 crisis had the world under control the IBC team came up with the idea of a “decentralised congress” enabling to connect and educate people from all over the world with the focus on digitalisation. Because, self and business development as well as connecting to people should not be interrupted by a health crisis. Standing still is not an option!


We came up with the solution of a congress to enable the education and networking without having big crowds in the same room. With the IBC platform, we offer first-hand access to information and networking. Our partnering venues provide their infrastructure and hospitality for the information consumption & guarantee networking at a highest standard. The venues are being selected according to the highest hygiene standards and the level of consumption. With our IBC app and its QR code, the participants are able to check in in the partner locations, confirm their participation on site and receive the official confirmation right away. This way the occurred expenses during the congress participation are accountable.


This way, us and our participants from all over the world are well prepared for the next health crisis…